Conference room

sala konferencyjnaThe Celestin Residence is also an ideal place for conferences, meetings, and trainings. The room is well equipped with multimedia and audiovisual devices. Our guests may use a multimedia projector, flipchart (with a pad and pens), laser pointers and a sound system. We also have the Wi-Fi Internet as well as a stable connection via LAN cable. At the time of each conference, depending on the selection, we can offer coffee break, as well as catering of selected food or all-you-can-eat buffet.

In addition, our conference room is very unique. Brilliantly lighted, it is located in the basement of a restored sixteenth-century building, where we offer setting of tables for the meeting chosen by our guests.

Our location in the city centre also promotes multi-day trainings. We provide the accommodation and after the end of a training day, you can enjoy your free time visiting numerous monuments and the attractions of Gdansk.