fontanna neptunaWhen choosing an overnight stay in our hotel, you gain a guarantee of accommodation in a convenient location. The Celestin Residence is located in the Old Town of Gdansk, 100 meters from the Motlawa River and 200 metres from the Crane. Gdansk, as one of the oldest Polish city with a rich history of more than a thousand years, offers numerous tourist attractions and delights with the historic architecture. At the Old Town, you can see the most beautiful buildings of the city, such as the Artus Court, the Crane over the Motlawa river or the Fountain of Neptune. At the heart of the Old Town, there is the St. Mary’s Church, the largest medieval church in Europe built of brick, construction of which took 150 years. History enthusiasts will surely want to see also Westerplatte, the Wisloujscie Fortress, Gdańsk Shipyard and nineteenth-century lighthouse turned into a museum. It is also worth mentioning that Gdansk has its own “Leaning Tower”; the building, located on the corner of Lawendowa and Swietojanska Streets, deviates from the vertical by about half a metre.

One of the highlights of Gdansk is the St. Dominic’s Fair, which is held in August. Every year, this event is visited by approx. 1.5 million people. Gdansk is also associated with the Promenade of Stars festival in Międzyzdroje; on the courtyard of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, there is an avenue named Amber Promenade of Stars, including a monument consisting of 108 handprints in bronze of artists honoured during the festival.

In addition, Gdansk is one of the greenest city in Poland; not only because of a natural landscape park, beautiful forests and monuments of nature, but also because of the largest zoo in Poland, located in Gdansk-Oliwa.