Special offers

Please contact reception to make a reservation.
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Room for lovers

Surprise your other half and ask her for a romantic getaway for two. Celestin Residence atmosphere and charm of Gdansk is a guarantee of an exceptional stay.

The package includes:

  • Accommodation in economy or standard double room for the chosen dates,
  • Open buffet breakfast,
  • Romantic surprise waiting in the room,


Packed with a massage (3 or 4 days)

Relax in Celestin Residence and select one of the six kind of massages: classic, therapeutic, spinal, sports, slimming or facial. Regain strength and vitality or make a gift to a loved one. 45-minute massage, performed by a qualified masseur in the room, will be great beginning of your long stay in Celestin Residence.

  • Non-refundable offer, full payment is required on the day of booking,
  • reservations can be made 7 days before arrival,
  • When booking stay for 3 nights, massage is for 50% of the price! If you book 4 nights, every massage is for free! (Please contact us directly in order to reserve a massage).

Make your choice of one of six massages below:

1. Classical massage

Considered to be one of the best ways to combat many ailments. Massage muscle relaxant, has a beneficial effect on many vital functions and regenerates body. It can be made on the whole body or partial – then surgery are covered to choose from, back or legs.

2. Therapeutic massage

Aimed at treatment of various disorders of the body through the implementation of specific procedures manual consisting of stroking, grinding and kneading the body. Is performed at the explicit medical recommendation, it is a recognized method of prevention and treatment of many diseases and ailments. The indications for therapeutic massage, are degenerative, joint and muscle pain, stress, muscle weakness and disorder.

3. Spinal massage

For years served humanity to fight the tensions in the region back. Massage improves blood circulation in the area massaged which perfectly influences the relaxation of muscle tensions in the back and improve flexibility of muscles and skin nourishment. It neutralizes caused by overloading the body’s muscle pain. Regular use of a massage of the spine prevents re-circuiting muscle, improves mood, relaxes, restores balance to the body.

4. Sports massage

Massage that become an indispensable element in the training of athletes. It allows you to fight the effects of fatigue exercise. Massage helps to relax tired muscles and prevents them later possible damage. This is necessary in situations where athletes need to take the next effort before they can relax, for example in multi-multi-day cycling races or tournaments, volleyball or basketball.

5. Slimming massage

Reduces excess fat and cellulite, improves skin firmness and elasticity. It involves intensive manual breaking up fat around the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Helps: in the discharge of toxins from the body and body fluids as well which is very important strengthens, overrated excessive overweight muscles and joints. It is recommended for fast weight loss in postpartum period, change jobs sitting mode and with some plastic surgery. Massage with a specific activator accelerating effect.

6. Facial massage

The best and most effective way to youthful and healthy appearance. Reduces removing excess lymph swelling, relaxes and improves circulation, oxygenation of the skin, has a strong anti-wrinkle. Effectively prevents migration of the face (stretching and drooping muscles and connective tissues in the face under the influence of gravity.


Medical Packages

Take advantage of the medical services during your stay in Celestin Residence. We cooperate with the newly opened medical clinic “Victoria Clinic” (www.victoriaclinic.pl). Choose a high-quality dental service, aesthetic medicine, gynecologist, urologist, dermatologist, dietician and / or internist and get a 10% discount for a stay in Celestin Residence. The longer you stay, the bigger discount you get: -30% third day, fourth day -40%, and the fifth for next to nothing -50%! If you decide for comprehensive treatment and spend with us a week’s time, you will also get 5-10% discount on medical services in Victoria Clinic.

  • Non-refundable offer, full payment is required on the day of booking,
  • Reservations min. 1 medical service at the Victoria Clinic is a 10% discount on 1- or 2-day stay in Celestin Residence,
  • Reservations min. 1 medical service at the Victoria Clinic at long stay in Celestin Residence (min. 3 days) saves 30% of the third day, fourth day 40% and 50% the fifth day. One week stay entitles addition to the discounts of 5-10% for medical services in Victoria Clinic.